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More Than a Year at Sea

More Than a Year at Sea

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink – the famous verse of the poet Cold Ridge in his  poem The Ancient Mariner, it may be exact even for a fisherman that has just explore the sea not for an adventure but only for bread. And how will be your strange raise up when you would learn a story of a fisherman has to stay at the sea for a year long.

Jose Alvarenga with his 24-foot (7.3-meter) boat in late 2012 had to sail through the sea from the bank 5,000 miles far away.For this on year he had to take turtle blood and his own urine as drink at the period of finding no rain water. He left for fishing taking a teen aged companion as the companion not agreed to take those think as meal had to meet his death after passing 4 month. If you hope to survive in the sea then sea will help you to do so-the answer issues in hot waters are a pure drinking water supply, the skill to wait floating, protection from the sun, food, and a signaling tool. The reality that the man possessed a 24-foot vessel and a tarp had one a extended way to serving him survive.

How long could someone last if they had water without food?

Generally, five to six weeks with no food human could find him alive. Seabirds such as gulls and frigate birds do land on traveling boats, and if the man got clever, he could have irregularly caught one. This is predominantly factual if he had been able to catch some fish, which would pull towards them.But catching fish by hand is no mean achievement, and there have some problem with that fraction of the story. But he had enough time on his hands, so maybe he caught fishes by hand.   Smaller turtles are easy to catch by hand and tossed into the boat. The accessibility of fresh turtle or bird meat make liver to prevent him from scurvy.

It is a matter of having serious hesitation he could boat big turtles or small by hand. They are just too influential. In any happening, if he could catch a large-size bird or turtle every week, he pass 7 days with meal.  

What about if having fresh water?

Water is the main issue for survival. It depends on the warmth, which is responsible for  water loss from sweating.On the way in query, there are recurrent squalls most of the year, so might have rain for every few days. Blood from birds and turtles is a good supply of water 70 percent water.Drinking your own urine is not suggested as you are re-ingesting the salt your kidneys are trying to get rid of.

Could raw fishes be eaten?

 Most turtles, birds, and fish are secure to eat without cooking.  

What does revelation do to our bodies?

In hot environment, the dangers are mostly from high temperature and solar emission.Some news reports stated that the fisherman seemed puzzled at times and contradicted himself.  

How could a man get rid of such disaster?

It depends on his courage, dedication and eagerness to stay live.